by Tori Leahy
Lead Tutor

Being that I work at a tutoring center I just had to see what the important questions were and if I met the standards set by US News and World Report. In their article, "5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tutor," the first question is, ‘What can I expect to pay for a tutor?’ This article listed a few numbers, the high end being $75 an hour for a certified tutor to the average in her area being between $45 and $60. I can tell you that our programs offer a more affordable alternative then what this article states.

Question 2: Where can I find a tutor? Well this one I can easily answer by saying we have many lovely and trained tutors working here at the center! This article says to check with the schools and other parents as well as checking online and we are mentioned at some schools in the area and you are welcome to ask parents of our current students what they think of our center!

Question 3: How can I ensure my child’s safety? The article states to keep your guard up and we agree, no matter where you take your child or whom you hire it is important to know who it is that is working with your child. Here at The Inspired Mind Learning Center, we have you sign in your child as well as sign them out. You are welcome to meet the tutors and check us out. You are also welcome to stay at the center while you child is here.

Question 4: Is the tutor a good match? Just because you are proficient in math or any subject does not mean that you would make a good tutor! The article states that tutoring is 90% motivation! Here we give each student a learning style assessment and each tutor has taken the same assessment so we start by matching students to tutors with the same learning style. If the student and tutor still are not working out as best as expected then we move the child to a more appropriate tutor. Our goal is to teach your child and he/she will only want to learn if they enjoy the person teaching them.

Question 5: Does your child need more then a tutor? This article answers this by stating that there are students with such severe test anxiety that the tutor will recommend them to counseling. Other times all they need is a good cheerleader to help them along the way. We can help to assess the situation and get to the root of whatever your child’s issue is.

This is the only article for today. Please ask questions and leave comments! Thanks again for your time and hope to see you all at The Inspired Mind Learning Center!



05/11/2015 8:10am

I love how this article gave its positive reactions on the article of a News Report. It was able to explain how their tutoring school can help the student in the subject matter that he has problems with. I would definitely recommend this school for my friends' kids to try.

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