What's the news?


by Tori Leahy
Lead Tutor

Looking through articles about San Diego County Schools can be a very daunting task, so I am here to give you all the news highlights that will keep you interested in how the schools in San Diego County are doing.

After browsing through a number of articles I found some interesting ones that are worth mentioning. This first one is titled, “Southern California Schools Receive Prestigious Award.” This article is about the National Blue Ribbon Award, the most prestigious award a school can receive. This award honors high-performing schools and schools that are making great strides in closing any achievement gaps among student groups. What makes this article hit close to home is one of our very own Poway schools won this year! Congratulations to Del Sur Elementary School for showing such excellence and winning this amazing award! I also want to point out that two schools in the Compton Unified School District won this year for the first time ever!

The next article, “California could drop its high school exit test,” describes how the new common core curriculum, which is what we specialize in here at The Inspired Mind Learning Center, alters how we should test our students. The new exit test would either be adapted from the common core standards or college placement tests, in order to gauge what information has been retained. In the past, standardized testing has never had wonderful reviews because the tests were set up expecting students to memorize answers. The new style of learning that comes with the common core is to create minds that are not set to just memorize facts or equations, but to understand the applications of those facts. Regardless of how the new test is created, it must show how much the students understand in regards to using equations and not just memorizing answers.

The final article that I selected is “San Diego County Schools work to combat absenteeism.” This article explains that students who miss just ten percent of the school year in grades K-1, have only a 17% likelihood of reading at grade level! This is equivalent to missing more than 18 to 19 days of school in one school year. The article further explains that less than 50% of students read at grade level when they miss ten days! Teachers explain this as similar to when you leave a movie to use the restroom and come back lost because you missed a critical part of the plot. You are stuck spending the rest of the movie trying to catch up, and no one wants to rewind just because you missed something. Well, teachers are unable to reteach everything each student misses from absences. Obviously, if your student is ill and has no other choice, the best way to get that rewind is with tutoring; however, the best way to keep your student on track is to limit the amount of school that is missed. How are school districts dealing with excessive absences? Well step one is to speak with the parent to find out why their child is missing so much school. If there is no improvement in attendance after such a discussion, then home visits from a welfare and attendance technician may be necessary. If attendance of the student still does not improve, the family is seen before the school's attendance board. If none of these attempts get the child to school, the family is seen before the San Diego Deputy DA who will deal with the issue through a juvenile court. The issue of missing school is a serious one and unless it is for medical issues, it should not happen. I am proud to see all the measures that are being taken to ensure that students attend classes, and for those of you who have children who miss school for health reasons, you are always welcome to catch up here at The Inspired Mind Learning Center!

Now that I feel more educated on what is going on, and I have accomplished my goal of sharing interesting news, I will say goodbye. If you want to read the articles that I sited, the links are posted below. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them for me and I will respond! I am going to post about news events whenever I can and I will only write about what is interesting! Thank you all for your time and I hope to see you soon at The Inspired Mind Learning Center!





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