Since we opened on September 22nd I've been getting a lot of questions from clients about why I wanted to open a learning center. Answering that question isn't as easy as it seems but I'll give it a go. 

When I look at the state of American schools I see an outdated and dysfunctional system with content that hasn't changed much since it's inception (in current form) from the Prussian model of 1818. The major changes to education have been in the form of who we teach, by allowing girls to attend public secondary schools in 1826 and African Americans after the American Civil War. What hasn't changed much are the methods used to teach children.

Teachers orate; students listen and write down what they heard. For the average student this method is suitable enough (Conway and Christiansen, American Psychological Association, 2005, vol 31). However, according to a recent study by Heller and Steelbahe as few as 30% of students are auditory learners. As one who prefers visual learning myself, it seemed obvious the most effective way to learn is using the modality that best suits the individual student.

In a classroom of 30 plus students who all learn differently, the only method available is what I call the "Shotgun" technique where instruction spans each learning modality. The result of the Shotgun technique is the loss of engagement by students during the portion of instruction not suited to their learning style. This lack of engagement is the problem I wanted to address. 

I set out to help students who are different than the average learner. I investigated becoming a public school teacher, even earning an emergency credential.  I soon realized that I could best help students by providing a service in a small center where every child is treated as an individual. But I couldn't do this alone, I needed the help of people with education and experience beyond my own.

I sought out education specialists whose cutting edge visions of a reformed school system complement my vision. Dr. Ashlee Lain spent years as a research scientist and brings practical real world experience to our center. Her passion for children and dedication to science education makes her an ideal individual to direct the center's integrated hands-on science activities.

Marysue Lindsay M.Ed is a learning specialist whose work with special needs children made the Inspired Mind Experience curriculum a perfect fit for children of all abilities and challenges. Her perceptual learning techniques activate existing neural pathways and create new pathways that helps students to deeply understand math concepts.

With this team of professionals, The Inspired Mind Learning Center is an education service like no other. I hope you'll call or stop by and check it out for yourself.



05/19/2015 8:32am

This is great! I admire people who have a gift for teaching and discerning what each student needs. You are right in saying that each kid has its own learning style and it would be best if each one is taught using what style suits him the most. But since it is impossible to be obtained in school, a learning center to address comes very handy.

05/22/2015 1:18pm

Inability to communicate

Just because the tutor in question is a math whizz doesn't mean he/she is automatically a good tutor. You want someone that has the knowledge and can also retrieve it and communicate it to the student. A good math tutor takes the student from where he/she is to where the student wants to be. This will take constant evaluation and guidance. It also takes a great amount of patience, a virtue that only experienced tutors have mastered. So before you go picking on the next guy who flashes impressive math scores on your face, please put this factor in to consideration.

05/22/2015 3:03pm

Hi Above Grade Level and thank you for the comment.

I think you are exactly right. I was pleased the other day when I overheard one of our students say, "I like it here because your not a bunch of eggheads." We definitely hire tutors who can develop a positive rapport with the student. We think it should be more of a mentoring relationship than a student/teacher relationship.

06/08/2015 2:44am

Nice to read that such training centers are the place to be, because in reality, most students do not fit the format of education. Especially now in the digital era, schools need fresh approaches to education. Thanks for the article.

I read this article and I am really very inspired with your ambition and I read the short line which I most like that is "I set out to help students"
You are amazing because you are helping students.

08/04/2015 10:56am

Great site and very informative. I am really impressed after reading this blog post. I really appreciate the time and effort you spend to share this with us! I also especially like the title of the article. Aside from this, you have a systematic idea in conducting classes which is beneficial. I do hope to read more updates from you.

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